The Adventures Of Matt Don Davis Is A Series Of Stories Written By Me. It Includes My Friends And Other Things.

Here Are A List Of People:

Matt Don Davis

Allie Ten Taters

Chandler Nine Nichols

Alli Swan Swinford

Brett Noodle Nelms

Abigail Web Weber

Taylor Gopher Gribble

Other Characters From Real TV Shows And Movies Are Also In The Series, Like Aquis Drago From Bakugan. He Is A Small, Blue Dragonoid.

Chandler Nine Nichols has disappeared from the series and hasn't been seen since. In the end of the series, Aquis Drago explodes.

The series was changed to Matt Don Davis and Friends in 2010, and featured Allie Ten Taters, Taylor Gopher Gribble, Abigail Web Weber, and of course Matt Don Davis.

Brady The Author was then changed to Brady Hammer Hix.

In August of 2010, it was discontinued forever from Brady and friends going to Middle School.